Artist in Residence

Open The Window Capsule Collection

The Mark Cross collection, “Open The Window”, is a special-edition Artist in Residence-designed capsule inspired by the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window.

The movie and the label share a significant hallmark in fashion history. When star Grace Kelly appears in a memorable scene, visiting her on-screen boyfriend, James Stewart, she is carrying an original overnight Mark Cross bag commissioned for the film by Hitchcock himself (the feature marked the carrier’s world premiere). Hitchcock happened to be friends with Mark Cross’s then-owner Gerald Murphy.

The Rear Window Overnight Case has remained in the label’s permanent collection ever since. Over the past sixty-seven years, it has attained a devout following for its embodiment of the unique overlap between the silver screen and the sartorial; it was one of Hollywood’s first indelible fashion-meets-film moments. Just as Hitchcock was exacting and tireless in his attention to detail, the Rear Window Overnight Case is exemplary of a meticulous approach to timeless, deeply considered design.

For Summer 2022, the legacy of Mark Cross’s Rear Window connection is revived, updated and expanded through new pieces that respect the enduring appeal of the original endeavor. There is also an emphasis on hope and optimism; the moniker “Open The Window” subtly symbolizes a look to the future, with the belief that, soon, there awaits a free and clear horizon.

The development of ‘Open The Window’, designed by Helene Nepomiatzi as part of the brand’s Artist in Residence program, celebrates Mark Cross’s cinematic heritage while considering a new generation. With Rear Window as inspiration, the brand looks ahead.