Regalia, Meet Romance

For Valentine’s Day 2022, Mark Cross introduces a capsule collection of super-decorated Key Hoods, which will be affixed to the house’s iconic Rear Window and Grace bags.

Key Hoods are an established component of Mark Cross designs; they are included in many handbag models as removable accessories, and they’re inspired by the original lock hardware on the Grace. Now, though, they’re given a romantic and gestural upgrade befitting of the
lover’s holiday: Celadon and Mark Cross Red ribbon regalia, complete with jewel-like embellishments.

The accouterments are creative director Rebeca Mendoza’s subversive take on an event that can often veer into the saccharine. These bow-accented Key Hoods are knowingly regal, and full of pomp,
given the circumstance. In particular, she was inspired by the excesses and extravagances of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. The ribbons may also be worn as a hair clip.

The Valentine’s Day 2022 Key Hoods will be sold with Rear Window or Grace bags, while supplies last.

Artist in Residence: Samantha Raye

The reigning cake queen of Instagram, Samantha Raye of @thegeminibake is the Mark Cross ‘Artist in Residence’ this Valentine’s Day, showcasing her talents alongside the holiday’s special capsule collection, on display at the Madison Avenue Flagship boutique.

 She shares with us how Mark Cross’ illustrious cinematic history and long-time muse Grace Kelly played a part in inspiring her own custom designs for the project, as well as her tips to celebrating Valentine’s day in style with the Mark Cross gifts she’s currently coveting.

Your creations are so perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day. What are your go-to sources for inspiration when creating something for the ultimate confectionary holiday?

Mostly I look to vintage cake decorating techniques and designs from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s. I also draw a lot of inspiration from film. I love movies, and I’ll watch pretty much anything. While my work has been heavily influenced by a number of films - I’d have to say that the films of Jacques Demy have had the biggest impact on my style overall. Particularly The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Young Girls of Rochefort, and Donkey Skin. The worlds that Demy created for these films are so visually stunning that every scene looks like dessert.

How did you approach designing the cake for Mark Cross’s flagship display?

While Mark Cross has been around for 176 years - I decided to turn my research to about 66 years ago. I know that the iconic Grace Kelly has strong ties to the brand, so that history paired with my love of film felt like kismet. I looked at photos of her wedding cake from 1956, and it truly is a masterpiece. I wanted to incorporate the same highly ornate and sophisticated decorating style, one that is both elegant and timeless - but with a slightly more modern Valentine’s Day twist. I also drew inspiration from Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, and of course the new Mark Cross Valentine’s Day capsule collection - both of which heavily influenced the super romantic and playful color palette. 

Top tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day?

My only real tip is to celebrate however you feel like celebrating
- take the pressure off of it. And to do something nice for yourself. 

Spend it with friends or a special Valentine?


Top 3 Mark Cross gift items that are sure to impress this year?

Crystal Bow Clip

Grace Small Leather Box Bag

Madeline Micro Lady Leather Top Handle Bag